Green Tea Pedicure

Green Tea Pedicure – call for current pricing.

  1. Green Tea Bath soak, a rich potent antioxidant like polyphenols and anti-aging healing properties. This formula breaks down dead skin particles and eliminates odors while stimulating blood circulation. Soothe, heal and comfort tired and irritated feet.
  2. Cuticle care
  3. Baking Soda Scrub, formulated to be gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to remove unwanted dead tissue. Made with deodorizing Baking Soda and special vegetable extract that remove odor while cleansing and neutralizing the skin. Also helps invigorate and stimulate blood circulation.
  4. Green Tea Mud, absorb the powerful antioxidants of green tea in this age defying mud treatment. draw moisture in and rehydrate where needed to firn, rejuvenate, and combat aging of skin. Calming, detoxifying properties helps to soothe, relax, and build skin’s immunity.
  5. Hot Towel Wrap
  6. Cuticle care
  7. Heels scrubs/callus remover
  8. Therapeutic Massage Oil, created exclusively from Cold Pressed plant Oils and the highest grade essential oil, this massage & body oil is rich in vitamins ( A,B1,B6,C) and minerals to leave your skin smooth and nourish. A comforting lavender scented blend developed by and for professional massage therapists.
  9. Green tea massage cream, this intensive moisturizing treatment rehydrates and relaxes stress out skin with an ultra hydrating but non greasy formula. Potent antioxidants and healing properties promote anti aging and stimulates younger, healthier skin.
  10. Green Tea lotion, a rich with natural plant emollients nourishes, this lotion soothes, nourishes and deeply moisturizes even the driest and most sensitive of skin.
  11. Foot and Heel Cream, is a glycerin and urea rich formula that penetrates deep into the skin, leaving behind a pleasing fragrance.
  12. Polish (choice of OPI, ESSIE, extra for SPA-RITUAL)