Purissima – Organic Pedicure

Purissima Organic Pedicure – call for current pricing.

Vail Nail Spa - Purissima Products for Pedicures

This pedicure service includes the following:

  1. Organic Purissima Bath Oil is rich in essential oils and exotic herbs with revitalizing capabilities, it isVail Nail Salon - Purissima Bath Products ideal for removing sweat, dirt and fatigue from the body, and also softens hard skin, as well as moisturizes and restores tone and vitality to your tired feet. The energizing, refreshing fragrance and deodorizing sensations of this product can be felt long after the treatment.
  2. Cuticle care
  3. Organic Purissima Scrub is a gentle but effective cleanser to the skin using granules from fruit seeds. Because of its unique blend of ingredients, this scrub not only cleanses the skin but also creates a protective barrier around it. The formula of mixed bamboo extracts and essential oils soothes, relaxes and tones the skin.
  4. Organic Purissima Mud acts as a powerful cellulite reducing agent. Seaweed, Dead Sea salts, herbal extracts combine to produce a detoxifying, purifying, and soothing effect to the skin. Invigorates blood circulation and reduces rheumatic and muscle pains. Essential oils produces a soothing scent that is therapeutic both to the mind and body. It is non-irritating and safe to use, even for sensitive skin.
  5. Wrap in hot towel
  6. Cuticle care
  7. Feet scrub and removal of calluses (if present)
  8. Organic Purissima Massage Oil improves the health of your legs and feet, but also fortifies it to ensure it stays healthy. It provides nutrients that enhance your skin’s tone, elasticity and flexibility. It is also rich in cold extracted vegetable oils and essential oils, which have an extraordinary balancing effect on the skin pH level.
    Vail Nail Salon - Purissima Organic Massage Oil
  9. Organic Purissima Cream provides immediate freshness and relief to tired and swollen legs and feet. It is an effective formula, helping to stimulate, rejuvenate and repair dry, cracked and callused skin. It is easily absorbed and leaves skin smooth and clean.
  10. Polish (choice of nail and massage products – SpaRitual, OPI, ESSIE)